You want a defining moment in the individual lives of people. You want them to walk out different than they came in. Isn’t that really the point?


Coaching & Activation

Removing obstacles and activating dreams, passions, & giftings of people & teams.


City & Regional Strategy

The Gospel of the Kingdom = Cultural Transformation


A shocking prophetic word turns into some needed repairs…

A group of us had lunch at a Ruby Tuesday. As soon as our waitress came by our table, I had a vision...

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BMXers meet the real Jesus

We stopped at a gas station, and, in the parking lot next door, a handful of BMX bikers were doing s...

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Healing and a New Ager comes home to the Father

We had a great time ministering in OB with new friends. The highlight for me came at the very end of...

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God knows his name

I walked out the gym and passed by this young guy (in his early 20’s) who was sitting on a ben...

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Jesus @ an open mic night

Last night was one of the most outrageous of ministry I’ve ever been a part of. My friends and...

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